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My earliest childhood memories were sitting on a barstool at the restaurant my mother worked at waiting for her to get off of work. Ive been in the restaurant business my whole life whether I knew it or not.  My mother and grandmother were both waitresses so running around a restaurant with no shoes on chasing my little brother was the norm.  My first job was at a golf course when I was 16 and when I graduated high school I jumped into the work force as a white collared employee in a suit and tie everyday but quickly learned that the 9-5 business path was not for me.   Throughout high school I would host parties at my home when my family was out of town, entertaining all of my friends.  So at 21 I thought to myself, why not get paid to be at the party too!  I got a job at a local nightclub in the town that I lived in as a security guard.  A super skinny security guard!!!

That's all that they were hiring for at the time so naturally I jumped on the opportunity thinking I could work my way into the bar to be a bartender.  There I discovered a VHS tape with about 50 tricks on it and I became addicted to Flair Bartending.  The nightclub wouldn’t give me an opportunity to be a bartender so I quickly moved on.  I really didn’t have an Idea what I was doing except I knew I wanted to be a bartender.  I was a young kid and all I cared about was making drinks and entertaining people. With some patience and determination someone finally gave me a job.  Fast forward 10 or so years.  After traveling the country and working next to some of the most talented Flair Bartenders and Mixologist, competing in numerous competitions, appearances on film and TV and countless celebrity parties, I realized I would have a greater impact if I created a real business. Mixology Flaired was born out of the necessity for a beverage group to emerge in the city of entertainment that was actually dedicated to entertaining their guests.  A company by Bartenders that love to have a good time and put on a show for everyone.  A group of talented individuals that can make Vegas entertainment happen in your backyard.  Mixology Flaired is focused on bringing the best in beverage entertainment and hospitality to any event big or small.  

Im looking forward to meeting you one day.

-Shea Lewis